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    Sea of Pink - Angel CD; Turning Heartache into Something Positive.

    In 2005, on the very day that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Fiona McGarry-Gatzke grabbed pen and paper in an effort to release all her thoughts and fears. What she found in the end was her battle cry to motivate and sustain her in the darkest of days in the months and years to come.

    It took some persuading from her husband Kelly Gatzke and Fiona's father, poet Terry McGarry to publish and copyright "Sea of Pink". In 2006, Lisa Rendall a well known breast cancer advocate and the local Rawlco Radio station, C95FM, asked Fiona to record her voicing the poem for use for their upcoming C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research.

    So moved by the recording, C95 asked to mix Fiona's recording with a song of her choosing. Fiona chose a song that meant a great deal to her, "Angel" by Grammy Award winning Sarah McLachlan. In an incredibly generous gift, permission was given by McLachlan and her label Nettwerk Productions, including the rights to produce and sell 5000 copies of the single with the condition that 100% of the funds would be donated to breast cancer research.

    Scotiabank stepped in to cover the costs of production and with Pink Warrior's plan to sell this cd for $5 each, this project would raise $25,000. Rawlco has made the Sea of Pink - Angel recording a staple of their annual C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research. Sales from the cd (and donations related to the cd) raised over $30,000 to date.

    Make Sea of Pink YOUR battle cry in the fight against breast cancer!

     " ... and no matter how this dance shall end, I will emerge all the stronger for I have in my corner the awesome power of prayer and the mighty power of the Sea of Pink - Excerpt from Sea of Pink © 2005 by Fiona McGarry-Gatzke.

    100% of the sale of the Sea of Pink - Angel cd are donated to breast cancer research.

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